Sunday, November 18, 2012

My First take on PyroCMS

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What is PyroCMS ?

PyroCMS is a open source framework for content management system created with standard PHP/MVC framework CodeIgniter. It is light and simple to use and is for both the developers and the end users. Generally it is used for websites which contains large amount of content/articles. The content should be well presented to the user for displaying as per requirement . This is where pyrocms comes which can manage the display of those content as per requirement.

How PyroCMS can be customized to develop websites on it ?

PyroCMS provide the dashboard for administration section to be used for developing big content based websites easily.
As it provides various tools/modules for implementing the website design and functionality which are very necessary for the a perfect websites.

Modules such as:

Navigation: It is used for the navigate through out website links.
Blog: This is used for the articles to be posted like blogs, also they can be well surfed by the end users.
Comment: Users and guests can write comments for content published and share their views.
Pages: Add pages to the site with content that are mostly static or vary in time.There are many other modules that can used

Why PyroCMS is better than Wordpress, Drupal and other existing CMSes ?

All of the CMSes have not any fixed and standard framework for using it. Therefore it will be difficult for different developers to interact with various created sites. With pyro we are developing a cms with customized outlook and standard framwork which can be very developer friendly.

What can we do with PyroCMS ?

Being small and flexible, PyroCMS can be very usefull to small and to large content based sites.

What are PyroCMS Themes ? 

Themes are the outlook that are presented to users. It contains the design that can be navigated by the users. PyroCMS provides suitable method to develop the themes. PyroCMS contains main layout and the partials files that make up the single website theme.

How to build PyroCMS themes ?

In PyroCMS Theme are structured in different folders like css for stylesheets files, js for javascripts and views for overall structure of the website. In views folder the main design is kept inside layouts which is the central look . The designs are splitted within the folder called partials which contains the design units like header, footer, sidebar etc.  Also necessary information about the theme and the screenshot is also included for informations.

Lastly, using Pyrocms was very fun to use. It is more similar to CodeIgniter therefore people comfortable with codeIgniter may find it very easy to use. Also it is very useful for customizing our desired look and functionality. Also we should use it very calmly. Despite of few documentations and support i am sure user/develop would find it very handy. 

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